Thoughts on Growing Up

by Kelsey

Growing up is hard, y’know? Here are some notes/thoughts on it:

  • The majority of my pictures now have frames around them.
  • Early is not 8 AM. Early is 4:00-5:00 AM. I am now a morning person. Not an early riser? Judgment.
  • At some point, you will need to stop eating trash and fill your body with things it needs. They will become things you want.
  • That said, no amount of healthy eating will prevent sickness or death. Indulgences are okay.
  • You will never leave Target without spending at least $50. Ever.
  • Children hate naps but need them. College students love naps and need them. Adults may or may not need naps, but they want them. But naps give adults “nap hangovers” — pounding headache, sensitivity to movement, nausea. Day sleep = no night sleep. You are not a cat.
  • The majority of your adult morning will be spent procuring caffeine (or talking about that pursuit with your co-workers).
  • Also, break room coffee isn’t coffee. Don’t trust anyone who says otherwise.
  • Leisurely mornings are the best things in the world. The. Best.
  • Making my bed is not optional.
  • Friendships will never be as effortless as they were before.
  • Everyone is biologically predetermined to “like” water. It keeps you alive. Drink it, you’ll feel better. (And don’t contaminate it with those BS flavor packs).
  • Cleanliness is a form of self-care (may have stolen this one from The Killing).
  • Skincare regimes are now a thing.
  • The first ten years after college will be the hardest years of your life.
  • Walk in the door -> Sweatpants.













Good luck out there, Everyone.