This Just In: Savory Oatmeal Exists

by Lindsey

In place of our usual Lazy Links, I’m giving you some recipe links for, you guessed it, savory oatmeal. Brunch it up, y’all!

When Kelsey and I went to Chicago, our friend Aubrie casually mentioned that she likes to eat savory oatmeal for breakfast. Our immediate reaction was, “Wait, what?” It might seem surprising thatĀ girls who love to eat – breakfast especially – had never heard of such a thing. Well, consider our ignorance corrected.

The only iteration I’ve tried so far is oatmeal, goat cheese and dijon mustard. It doesn’t sound great, but it wasn’t bad. If I’d had broccoli or a soft boiled egg, the taste and appearance would have vastly improved, I’m certain. If I’d had those items, you’d see an image to accompany this post. C’est la vie.

I’m planning to continue my exploration of this breakfast phenomenon by perusing the following links. Journey with me.