Lazy Sunday Links

– by Lindsey

It’s Sunday again, folks. You know what that means, right? We do the dirty work of finding fun links for you to peruse whilst readying yourself for the Monday to come. Well, this week’s lazy links are less so. We’re sharing three useful household/cooking/misc. tips from our apartments to yours.

Tip #1 comes from Kelsey, who wanted to clean her grout this weekend. She’s adventurous that way. She followed this handy-dandy guide pinned from This Blessed Life, and she says there’s not a speck of mildew left. Anywho, she wasn’t convinced this Pinterest tip would work (the very idea something on Pinterest wouldn’t come through!), so she didn’t take pictures. You can take her word for it (if you dare).

Tip #2 is from me, Lindsey, who is trying to learn to like hardboiled eggs. I hate boiling water, because I suffer from watched pot syndrome. To get around this, I used Alton Brown’s method of hard baking eggs. They come out perfectly baked. Don’t be scared of a couple of tiny burn spots under the shell. Just peel that right off. For an impatient girl who wants hard boiled eggs, this is a lifesaver. I’m not sure the process of boiling/baking eggs could ever be considered lifesaving, but whatever. You get it. Also, bonus: mix Sriracha and soy sauce for a delicious egg dip!

Tip #3 I stumbled upon at a friend’s house when my stomach was upset. (Shoutout to Kelly and my uneasy insides!) We’ve all been there: we feel so gross we don’t even want to chug the Pepto-Bismol that could improve our sorry conditions. You know what makes Pepto-Bismol better? Refrigeration. Seriously. Try it. No link here, just do it.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, friends! Or, as Kelsey says, “Sunday night at 7:00 p.m. is the worst.”