Recipe: Peach Bourbon

by Kelsey

This lovely summer beverage comes to us from The Peach Truck. Get excited.


3-4 Fresh Peaches

1 750ml bottle of your favorite Bourbon (go for some nice quality)

2 tbsp granulated sugar

2 whole cloves

3 whole allspice berries


Large Mason Jar (The one I purchased holds around 3 pints.)

Cheese Cloth

1) Find some lovely peaches. If you aren’t in an area serviced by The Peach Truck, I would suggest hitting up a local farmer’s market or good quality grocery.

2) Cut your peaches into quarter, discarding the pit, placing them in the bottom of the mason jar. Next, add in your sugar and spices.

3) Finally, pour in that sweet, sweet bourbon. Seal tightly and let this concoction ruminate out of direct sunlight for 7-10 days.

I outlined these steps in a video for your viewing pleasure.

*Fast Forward 10 days*

Drunk Peaches

Drunk peaches.

Behold, our adorable, tipsy little peaches:

There may be a better approach, but I covered a funnel with the cheesecloth and strained the bourbon mixture back into the original bourbon bottle. This final product should keep indefinitely.


Bottling in progress.

Final Thoughts:

This final mixture didn’t have quite as potent of a peach flavor as I was anticipating, but this could come from the fact that the day I set out to make peach bourbon, the peaches I brought home were not as wonderful as first appearances suggested. First impressions, am I right? They were also a bit smaller than those shown in the Peach Truck’s tutorial, so in the future, I’ll definitely add more.

The final product, for me, had a warmer, sweeter flavor than unaltered bourbon, sweeter and a bit spicier, but not very peachy. I fully intend to make a second batch, with larger peaches (perhaps adding 5-6 instead of 3-4), as well as letting it settle for 12-15 days as opposed to the 7-10. I will post an update of results from this second test round.

Also, lest your forgot, there is no reason to discard perfectly saturated bourbon peaches. Mine are slumbering in the freezer right now.I have grand intentions to utilize their respective gifts as makeshift ice cubes in an upcoming cocktail or better yet, as a wildcard addition to a simple peach cobbler (don’t forget to add a large scoop of vanilla ice cream). Boom.

Conclusion – All the peaches.