Desk Decor

– by Lindsey

I don’t know about you, but sometimes a 40 hour work week feels much longer than that. So, this post is dedicated to making our cubicles away from home a little more homey, homies. Here’s my list of (nonessential?) essentials:

A pretty calendar

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 8.22.26 PMNothing brightens my work day like flipping a page on my page-a-day calendar. My favorite is this one from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, because the pages can be used as prints after the year is through. Bonus: A feel a little rebellious when a day comes up with a nude artwork. There are naked people on my desk and nobody says a word because ART. (If you don’t like flipping pages, this one from Rifle Paper Co. is a close second.)

A “What’s that?” piece

I’ve always loved finding unusual items on friends’ desks. These could range from an interesting travel souvenir to a Chia Pet. My favorites are this awesome pencil holder from MOMA that sits on my desk at home and this weird lady with paperclip hair that my dad found at Big Lots. Get creative. Now, this can go too far, and I don’t recommend the extreme, which might include a bright green pig people squeeze as they pass your desk to make a horrible squealing noise. You know, something general like that.

A good pen (or two)

Kelsey loves pens more than anyone I know, so she should probably write this section. However, I feel confident that she would recommend the classic Le Pen (because I know she buys them in bulk). I prefer Sharpie pens because they write well or Poppin pens because the outsides are fun colors and the insides are normal blue. Party on the outside, business on the inside.

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 9.03.53 PM

 A whimsical mug

Hi, my name is Lindsey, and I buy too many mugs. My mug of choice at work is a great dinosaur mug I just stumbled upon in the cabinet one day. (If it belonged to anyone, please know I’ve given it a happy home filled with exotic teas.) At home, I might go for a more elaborate dinosaur mug (sensing a theme?) or this amazing art history study guide of a vessel.


A few desktop wallpapers on rotation

If I’m going to ruin my eyes staring at a screen all day, I want that screen to be pretty, darn it. I’ll change out desktop wallpapers at least once a week, if not more. My favorites are freebies offered by some of the design blogs I mentioned in the last Lazy Sunday Links post. Design*Sponge released several (some years back) that I still use today, while designlovefest pops out gorgeous new wallpapers often.

A desk stretch manual to undo all the damage to our seated bodies

Now that you’ve made your horribly open cube feel so cozy, you might never want to get up from your chair. Please don’t fall into the trap! I like to keep a handy sheet of exercises nearby to prompt me to refresh my tired eyes and sedentary body. My yoga instructor recommends these moves, man or woman. Also, for you fellow dry-eyed lovelies in the audience, remember these tips to fight eye strain.

Any great desk accessories I missed?