chia seed pudding

Love/Hate: Chia Seed Pudding

– by Lindsey and Kelsey

Readers, we’ve found another thing to disagree about, so it’s Love/Hate time again. This week’s installment? Chia seed pudding.

Lindsey loves.

It looks like I just love everything, doesn’t it? I’ll try to be on the hate side next time, just so you don’t think I’m some blob that lacks discernment. I really do like chia seed pudding, though.

Honestly, I wasn’t completely sold on the idea of it, because I think it looks sort of like the grossest thing in the world that I really can’t think about or talk about because I will get sick to my stomach. (I quickly attached that link and closed my eyes.) When I ignored that part and just ate the stuff, I liked it! The only recipe I’ve really tried is chia seeds, almond milk, unsweetened cocoa powder and honey, but the options are endless. I want to try a lemon version with raspberries. You have to get the ratio of milk to seeds right for your tastes, so just know that things might not be smooth on the first try. Things could also be so smooth you’re just eating spoonfuls of liquid peppered with seeds. Whatever. Keep trying, because I heartily endorse any healthy recipe that allows me to eat chocolate for breakfast.

Kelsey hates.

And I don’t hate everything. I mean I’m a pessimist/realist, so I’m naturally more skeptical. ┬áBut I mix my own muesli and don’t eat fried foods (on a regular basis); I don’t loathe chia seed pudding because it’s “healthy.” I hate it because it’s ┬ádisgusting.

First off, for anyone that has never downed a chia seed: when exposed to moisture, the freshly saturated chia seeds become mucus-y and slimy. Two words that do not typically describe foods that I eat on a regular basis. (And I love some tapioca pudding. Chia seeds are NOT like tapioca pudding). I do not want to add milk to something naturally slimy by nature and then eat it. I do not.

But I did. Peer pressure. I mixed up my lactose free milk (tastes just like regular milk, people, no judgment) and Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup (because chocolate is the only things that could save this equation), leaving this mixture + chia seeds to chill in the fridge overnight. I tried to like it, I really did. But I cannot get past the texture. Also, spoiler alert, if you eat this, you will have 1 million chia seeds in your teeth, and their delightful texture makes them prime for sticking to bowls. Your dishwasher doesn’t stand a chance.

I’m sticking to tapioca pudding.

Mmm mmm good/bad.