Lazy Sunday Links

by Lindsey and Kelsey

We’re in the Windy City for a long weekend of friend time, sightseeing and, mainly, eating, but we did not forget you, our lovely lazies. This week, we’re sharing a bunch of random favorite things of late. Enjoy these bits and bobs, and we’ll be back with some Chicago goodness for you soon!

S’well water bottles: We’ve both purchased these beautiful bottles recently (thanks for the “hey – these exist” alert, Design*Sponge). We’re both slightly hypochondriacs, so the whole even-BPA-free-plastic-bottles-may-be-killing-you-slowly-thing prompted us to look for some metal containers we love (that we’ll probably learn will also kill us next month). Anyway, these are gorgeous and functional and safe (for now). Just don’t put the lid down on a table where your cat might find it, because it’s gone.

Banjolele: I enjoy picking/strumming on my beloved guitar (Thanks Youtube for Iron & Wine guitar tutorials and and video games for accumulated muscle memory dexterity!). I’ve been toying with the idea of learning to play the ukulele (probably because of The Descendants), but I still haven’t given up on the idea of learning to play the banjo, either. And the world ushered forth the Banjolele — my choice: Firefly Banjo Ukulele.  See one in action in this wicked cover.

Girl power books: Not that we were ever against girl power books, but they’re really on our respective radars right now. I (Lindsey) talked about Bad Feminist here, and I’ve also recently acquired #GIRLBOSS and Women in Clothes (post about this one coming soon). With high school students these days making video games to talk about menstruation, I feel like I have some catching up to do on my feminism, you know?

Side note (still Lindsey): If you look at my Amazon “recommended for you” list, you’ll see books about female empowerment (especially in business), books about true crime and matcha tea. This is who I am.

Side side note (now Kelsey): if you look at my Amazon “recommended for you” list, you’ll find 87 eyeglasses cases because I lost just the lid to mine this week and spent an hour searching for the finest glasses case in existence. This is who I am.

 Imaginary moving: Imaginary moving is my favorite, second only (I imagine) to real moving. Approximately 80% of my limited brain capacity is spent on fantastical scenarios where Lindsey and I move to a wonderful new city and live on either side of a duplex, fostering a cookie company by day and enjoying take-out and Netflix bingeing by night. This is a misanthrope’s (speaking for me) fantasy.






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