WWU: Are You Afraid of the Dark? – “The Tale of the Laughing in the Dark”

– by Kelsey and Lindsey

So, it’s Friday night, and you want to watch something new whilst reading sarcastic comments from your friendly, neighborhood bloggers? Oh man, you guys. This Watch With Us (WWU) post is dedicated to one of our very favorite shows from childhood: Are You Afraid of the Dark? (AYAOTD). By favorite, I mean a show we tried to watch to prove to ourselves that we weren’t tiny baby scaredy cats. (Yay cats!)

This episode is on Amazon Prime, because we’re (un)professional instant video watchers and subscribe to everything. If you want to watch along, join us after the jump! (Yes, we realize these posts might not be that fun if you aren’t watching along, but they’re really fun for us. Sorry. Sort of.)

Are You Afraid of the Dark? – “The Tale of the Laughing in the Dark”

Description: “Accepting a dare, Josh enters a haunted house at an amusement park and steals the nose off Zeebo the clown. Zeebo’s ghost follows Josh home and demands the nose back.” (ZEEBO, y’all.)

Lindsey Solomon: Starting….now!

Here we go. Are You Afraid of the Dark, ep. 1

Kelsey Solomon: This opening is causing me extreme anxiety

So many flashbacks

Lindsey Solomon: Oh man, the match!

You would get so freaked out when I watched this.

Kelsey Solomon: I recall.

Lindsey Solomon: This is the one I remember the best. I had no idea it was the first one.

Kelsey Solomon: Carnivals are so terrible.

Lindsey Solomon: It’s really the poorly built rides I’m scared of…


Oh, I forgot the campfire preemies.

Ugh. Premise.

Preemies works for these kids, though. They look 7.

Kelsey Solomon: I kind of like the campfire situation

Lindsey Solomon: Too many Girl Scout memories

Kelsey Solomon: How did they not start a forest fire, though?

Lindsey Solomon: I want cotton candy.

Kelsey Solomon: Me tooooooooo

Ugh clooooooowns

Lindsey Solomon: “I’m not a twerpy chicken!”

I’m not scared of clowns as a rule, but I am scared of Zeebo.

Kelsey Solomon: I don’t remember this episode, so we’ll see.

Does he have a cigar in his mouth?

Lindsey Solomon: Yes. Nickelodeon’s ol’ pro-smoking agenda in the early 90s.

Kelsey Solomon: Thank goodness.

Oooh backwards denim cap

Lindsey Solomon: “Cagey Clown Caught in Calamity” – scary alliteration!

Oh, so the cigar is what did him in…never mind the pro-smoking agenda.

Kelsey Solomon: “smoking’s bad for your health” – good call kid

tickling plays a 20% portion in all children’s shows

Lindsey Solomon: Ha, lameball. What an insult.

I’m scared of tickling.

Kelsey Solomon: I would definitely wear his teal henley, though.

Lindsey Solomon: It goes well with his hair.

He sure has gotten braver since we last saw him at the carnival.

Kelsey Solomon: peeeeer pressuuuuure

I’m more frightened of this smoker-voiced creepy colonel with meth teeth

Lindsey Solomon: Carnies, man.

I could do without this mirror montage.

Kelsey Solomon: No, really adds to the build-up.

Okay, Zeebo is genuinely frightening.

Real fire is not okay

Lindsey Solomon: No – he probably should have signed some sort of waiver.

And he is – probably why he’s the only part of this show I really remember.

Forget the nose – get out of there, kid!

Kelsey Solomon: Dumb and a half

Clowns really need to work on their oral hygiene

This kid talks to himself even more than I do

Lindsey Solomon: He’s about on par with my conversations with my cat, though.

Did he say “I gotta crap” or “cramp?”

Kelsey Solomon: It’s anyone’s guess

Lindsey Solomon: I hope the former.

Kelsey Solomon: Gotta love people who laugh continuously at their own jokes

Lindsey Solomon: *lowers head in shame*

Kelsey Solomon: Well, your jokes are better than his

Lindsey Solomon: CIGAR SMOKE

And thanks. I’d never make you wear a clown nose.

Kelsey Solomon: Who doesn’t love spaghetti? This kid’s a punk.

Ugh, and he stuck his fingers in a whole thing of pudding.

Lindsey Solomon: That was disgusting.

Kelsey Solomon: His house is very poorly lit

Lindsey Solomon: He’s very an only child.

The creepy phone call – classic!

Kelsey Solomon: “Give me baaaack!”

Who can’t use a microwave?

Lindsey Solomon: Microwaved cigars! “Z” in the pudding! That’ll teach you not to make a mess, kid.

Kelsey Solomon: Zeebo believes in cleanliness

Carnival music is the only thing worse than carnivals

Lindsey Solomon: So right.

Kelsey Solomon: balloon under the door. Signature clown move

Lindsey Solomon: And I mean, this is legitimately creepy. Goosebumps has nothing on AYAOTD, amIright?

Kelsey Solomon: Completely. AYA wins hands down.

But their insults are about on par with each other.

Lindsey Solomon: Well, they’re children. Lameball.

He’s pretty brave to go back to the carnival alone.

How did he buy cigars?!

Kelsey Solomon: Wait, what?

Clearly his father had some Cubans lying around

Lindsey Solomon: Thank goodness.

And creepy carnival man smokes cigars. Coincidence? I think not.

Kelsey Solomon: I better not dream of clowns tonight.

Lindsey Solomon: Amen.

Thanks for playing along! Until the next episode…

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