Lazy Sunday Links

By Lindsey and Kelsey

I don’t know about you, but we Solomon sisters live for lazy Sunday afternoons. Want to watch Netflix until you fall into a blissful nap? Go for it. Want to spend time trying new recipes for the week ahead? Yum. Want to brunch? ALWAYS. Most of all, Sunday afternoons just perfect for gearing up for the day-that-shall-not-be-named.

On that note, if you want to fill your Sunday with fun web surfing, we’ve got you covered. Most blogs seem to do (great) link round-ups on Fridays, but we’re going to try to spice up your end-of-weekend reading.

  • Fast Company Design posted this gorgeous, calming flower video. It’s on repeat.
  • Want to read that new Harry Potter short story, but don’t want to join Pottermore? Check it out here. (If you do join Pottermore, you should know that Lindsey is a Hufflepuff, while Kelsey landed in Slytherin.)
  • If you enjoy good, old-fashioned journalism, Longform is your website. From a Vanity Fair article on murder to Buzzfeed (I know, surprise!) story about a very tall woman, there’s something for everyone here.
  • How would you describe your creative process? Check out Fast Company’s Daily Routines of History’s Most Creative Minds (in chart form!) to compare. (And I thought that my sleep habits were irregular.)
  • Stream Zach Braff’s ‘Wish I Was Here’ Soundtrack at EW. I haven’t listened to it in entirety, but my initial impression brings to mind a Garden State  level of phenomenal.
  • Speaking of music, check out The New Yorker’s Best Music of 2014 List (with Spotify player).

Enjoy! More lazy links next week, friends.



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