Oh, hi.

by Lindsey and Kelsey

Welcome, reader. First off, you are looking fabulous.

Next, you may be wondering, what is the Left/Right Blog? What kind of content will I see here? Why should I stick around?

Well, we – Kelsey and Lindsey – are sisters and writers who aren’t among the lucky few that get to feed our creative sides during our 9-5 jobs. Enter the Left/Right Blog, a place where we hope to nourish both sides of our brains, all while sharing and creating community (with you lovely folk). We’re planning content that runs the creative gauntlet including:

  • delicious recipes and drink concoctions (because no shame)
  • book recommendations
  • travel plans/wishful thinking
  • contemporary and classical movie reviews
  • TV show round-ups (the legit good and the guilty pleasures)
  • links and discussions on the latest tech and science developments (Fun science, you guys. Be cool.)
  • cats
  • and more!

Basically, we plan to share insights into the lifestyles of the young and the introverted. While we’re very different people, we hope our shared interests will inspire and entertain you. We’re glad you’re here.

Want to know more? Visit our About K/L page.

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